The Top 6 Motorcycles for People Who Are Shorter

There is no minimum height restriction to ride a motorcycle, so shorter people can enjoy racing up the highways and yelling obscenities into their intercoms just as much as taller people. Finding a bike that is the proper height for you, though, is necessary if you are a shorter rider. A motorcycle can be lowered in height in a variety of methods, but the most of them involve replacing parts, modifying the suspension, or going through other time- and money-consuming procedures. Many shorter people simply want to ride on a fantastic bike that fits them without requiring much customization.

1. The Kawasaki Versys-X 300

Finding a nice adventure motorcycle might be difficult for small riders because they frequently have higher seats than other motorcycle kinds. The shorter adventure riders have been waiting for the Versys®-X. It blends a tough suspension made for difficult terrain with a functional yet stylish design that has integrated luggage storage on the back. All that’s left to do is pick an adventure deserving of it.

2. India Scout Bobber

Because their seats are typically lower to begin with, cruisers like the Indian Scout Bobber are popular with short riders. The Scout Bobber, with its simple contours and lethal double exhaust, is a particularly fascinating example of the fashion. The best advice is usually to spend some time sitting on any bike before you buy. However, short riders should keep in mind that cruisers compensate for their low seat heights by being intended for persons with slightly longer legs.

3. Triumph Street Scrambler

The Street Scrambler is a nimble little motorcycle with a 900 cc engine that has plenty of vroom. It has the traditional cafe racer look. Because of its compact form and relatively low seat height, it is ideal for short riders. This incredibly adaptable little bike is just as suitable for a fast circuit of the block as it is for a tour of Europe’s backroads. It’s guaranteed to draw attention because of its heritage in the iconic Triumph Bonneville design.

4. MT-07 by Yamaha

For small riders who want something fast without the narrow wheel base and high seat of a real sport bike, sporty standards like the MT-07 are a perfect option. The MT-07 is intended to fill that void, and we’re happy to say that Yamaha succeeded. The ultimate lean-and-mean street bike, it can be ridden by people of almost any height.

5. Honda Rebel 500

With the addition of short riders, the Rebel 500 is a multipurpose Japanese cruiser that is advised for all levels of riders, from specialists looking for a fun city bike to beginners getting their bearings. The Rebel is so well-liked for a reason: It’s a fun, well-made bike that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people thanks to its adaptable design. Oh, and did we mention that it’s one of our list’s most reasonably priced bikes?

6. Ducati Monster 1200

On the other hand, perhaps you are small but your bank account is tall and you want to invest in the best. The ridiculously fantastic Ducati Monster 1200, a sporty naked bike that devours the opposition, is your only option in that situation. Although the seat is low, the horsepower is extremely high, making it a perfect choice for both the road and the racetrack. The Monster is the perfect bike for you if you’re seeking for a machine with the power to overtake its larger siblings.


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