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You need reliable oil sources to keep your wet clutch in good functioning condition. In addition to lowering heat and friction inside the clutch, a good oil source also delays the oxidation process that could cause your clutch to rust over time. Motoczysz will discuss the best motorcycle oil for wet clutches in this post, as well as how to select and evaluate the best motorcycle oil for motorbike engines.

Motul 105894 Wet Clutch Trans Oil, 10w 30

The first item we’d like to discuss today is the Motul 105894 10w30 Wet Clutch Trans Oil, which was first produced in France for motorcycles and has the capacity to be utilized with practically any type of wet clutch on the market. The package has a volume of 12.4 liters or 33.81 fluid ounces. As a result, a fluid ounce costs about 0.45 dollars, which is a reasonable price-to-volume ratio.

The package measures 20.4 centimeters in height, 11.6 centimeters in width, and 6.6 centimeters in depth, or approximately 9 inches, 4.5 inches, and 3 inches. The bundle has a weight of 2.028 pounds. The wet clutch oil has a viscosity of 10w–30 and is manufactured by the renowned company Motul.

Castrol Go! is the Best Overall Oil! 12146 4 stroke motorcycle oil 10W-40

The Castrol Go! oil’s dedication to protecting all components of the bike is what makes it the top option for many customers. This product’s Trizone technology will safeguard not only the engine but also the clutch and gearbox. By preventing impurities, the combination of additives in this mineral oil supports a clean and secure oil life for any 2 or 4-stroke motorcycles. Castrol delivers a great middle-ground range for best performance in both the summer and the winter with a 10W-40 SAE grade.
This, combined with its superior composition, supports viscosity even during prolonged use. It’s understandable why customers continue to rely on this oil given that the brand has supported motorsports and motorbike owners for over 120 years with its trustworthy and long-lasting lubricant. I’ve used this brand for over 15 years, as one commenter verified. “I’m quite fussy about my oil; this is the brand I purchased most of my oil purchasing life,” another customer stated.

Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil 10W40, the Best Mineral Oil

In terms of traditional lubricants, the Kawasaki Motorcycle Engine Oil stands out as one of the best due to its incredible capacity to improve riding performance. Its lubrication makes shifting easy and enhances the clutch’s and the transmission’s overall performance. This has been confirmed by many customers, including one who said their car still had smooth shifting after 3,000 miles.

Whether used on or off-road, the device keeps the engine safe. This oil is made specifically for motorcycles, but it can also be used in utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and marine personal craft. This gallon of oil is very dependable for a low cost. Even so, one commenter said, “This oil works and works so beautifully. This is a reliable option with a spotless track record, but if you want to try another brand, go for it.

Motul 7100 4T Synthetic Ester Motor Oil is the best high heat oil.

The SAE grade of the Motul 7100 Synthetic Ester oil is 10W-60. It is challenging to find other products on the market that have this level of heat resistance, which is the greatest level an oil can have on the SAE scale. This makes this product the best choice for riders in persistently hot places because the oil will be able to maintain its viscosity in temperatures outside of 122° F. Since this oil is entirely synthetic, it will not only provide protection from the heat but will also be able to withstand the most powerful motors and be used for off-road riding over muddy terrain.
Many people considered this oil to be exceptionally dependable due to its high level of protection. One client said, “This oil has kept my engine problem-free and I’ve successfully kept my bike operating for 15 years.” Another customer noticed a noticeable improvement in the performance of their motorcycle. The dash is more sensitive with the throttle, the engine is smoother, and the idle is quieter, they claimed.

Motul 5100 4T 15W50 Synthetic Blend Oil is the best oil for catalytic converters.

The Motul 5100 Synthetic Blend oil is designed especially for motorcycles that have a catalytic converter and complies with the new SL grade of the American Petroleum Institute for vehicles with this component. It also complies with the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization’s MA specification, which means that friction modifiers are absent. To meet the demands of a catalytic converter, it is even produced with minimal sulfur and phosphorus content.

This oil has an SAE grade of 15W-50, which is higher than the majority of commonly available motorcycle oils on the market and enables the oil viscosity to remain stable and last longer in higher external temperatures up to 113°. The blend’s recipe serves two purposes. It safeguards the gearbox while also enhancing engine response. As one commentator noted, customers also observed improvements in their motorbike engines’ “clutch function, engine noise, and temperature.”

Premium 4 10W – 40 Motorcycle Engine Oil by Maxima

The best wet clutch oil for your motorcycle is Maxima 349128 Premium4 10W – 40 Motorcycle Engine Oil. This motorcycle oil comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with a viscosity range of 10W to 40. You can choose from a variety of volumes, including 5 gallons at once, 1 liter at a time, and 1 gallon at a time.
Each pack contains 128 fluid ounces of liquid, which is 3.78 liters when converted to metric units. This amount of liquid is sufficient for practically every rider on the road. Additionally, you have the option of purchasing 2 packs, 3 packs, or even 12 packs at once at a discounted price. It makes the claim to be the best product for high stability and various motorbike grades.
Since this oil is manufactured from petroleum, it falls under the category of mineral engine motor oils. To handle conditions when high loads and temperature peaks are reached, additional anti-scuff compounds are included. This motorcycle oil is specifically made for 4-stroke (4-cycle) engines with integrated transmissions and wet clutches.

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