Instructions For Mounting A Backpack On A Motorcycle

Even motorcycle riders need to carry things. You might be going on your usual weekly shopping run, taking advantage of a great Craigslist offer, or picking up a last-minute birthday gift for your partner. Whatever the circumstance, getting your cargo transferred to its destination securely and effectively can be challenging.

We’ll go over all the essential fundamentals of transporting and storing cargo on a motorcycle in this article. Here is a list of motorcycle luggage carrying alternatives, including how to attach a backpack and the many additional possibilities.

Carrying a Backpack

A motorcycle backpack can be a good option for riders traveling a short distance with a light load (such as going to school or work). You’ll be safer and more comfortable if you wear a bag that is especially made for riders, which is why we said a motorcycle backpack.

Similar to how a motorcycle backpack with speakers and an intercom is superior to your AirPods, a motorcycle backpack enhances performance for riders with its unique design elements. A sleek and aerodynamic shape, improved visibility characteristics, and breathable materials for all-day comfort are typical examples of these.

But even with a well-made motorbike backpack, your shoulders and back are still bearing the burden. This can be painful and exhausting, especially during a long ride or when carrying a heavier load. It is far more difficult to safely retrieve your belongings when you are stopped at a light when you are wearing a backpack.

Instructions for Mounting a Backpack on a Motorcycle

Strapping the backpack to the back of the motorcycle might be a useful option for longer journeys or bigger weights. If your motorcycle has a pillion seat and/or a sissy bar, you can put your backpack on these features.

But what if there isn’t a straightforward way to place a bag on your bike? When that happens, think about using a motorcycle luggage rack (also known as a pack rack). You can attach these metal or hard plastic frames to the back of your motorcycle so that you can safely fasten a backpack to them using bungee cords or another sort of reliable strap.

One of the simplest and most adaptable ways to mount a backpack on a motorcycle is to use a luggage rack. They also benefit from being adaptable to various sorts of luggage. It is simple to store everything you need because many racks allow you to safely strap anything from a backpack to a hardshell case onto a luggage rack.

T-shirt bags

In essence, a tank bag is a backpack that is made to fit around a gas tank rather than a person’s back. These semi-rigid travel bags use magnets, straps, or a model-specific mounting device to attach directly to your gas tank. Some can be removed from the tank and the straps adjusted to make a standard backpack.

A tank bag can be the ideal piece of baggage for commuters who require something a little more advanced than a backpack. A tank bag relieves the burden of a backpack on your back and shoulders, and many tank bags have more storage space than a typical motorcycle backpack. Additionally, they are simple to reach when you are stopped, making it simple to get your riding kit when you need a damp wipe to remove that squashed bug from your helmet visor.


Another common and affordable method of transporting and storing items on a motorcycle is with saddlebags. These bags attach to the sides or back fender of your motorcycle and are constructed of reinforced semi-rigid fabric.

It’s critical to consider how saddlebags may impact a motorcycle’s handling and horizontal clearance before installing them. Your motorbike may become wider, longer, or both depending on where you mount your saddlebags, and these changes will affect how the motorcycle handles. Before embarking on any lengthy journeys, go for a test ride while fully loaded in your saddlebags.

Additionally, you need to pick a pair of saddlebags that go with the style of your motorcycle. Check to be sure your saddlebags won’t accidentally touch the chain or the back wheel.

Hard Case Keeping

Some motorcycles, particularly touring models like the Harley Road Glide and Honda Gold Wing, include built-in hard case panniers. The majority of people sell aftermarket panniers that you can add to your bike.

Riders that require strong, adaptable storage with a sizable capacity should consider panniers. Although they cost more than other motorcycle cargo options, they are also more sturdy, and many of them are waterproof to protect from snow and rain.


Finding the right way to put a backpack on a motorcycle can be challenging, but once you do, you’ll be able to transport your most valuable belongings almost everywhere.

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