How To Care For A Visor On A Motorcycle Helmet

Let’s face it: the visor on your motorbike helmet isn’t as spotless as it once was. Although you might believe that visors are designed to become filthy, minor flaws like cracks, dirt, and stains impair your ability to see when driving. It is your responsibility to clean your visor as needed because it protects you from anything that flies around in the air when you are driving. You won’t be able to see the road as clearly if your visor is too dirty, or you may decide to avoid using one completely, but doing either will raise your chance of getting hurt.

Use these riding advice from the pros to keep your visor clean:

Keeping Cracks and Stains at Bay

Avoiding getting a visor dirty in the first place is the greatest method to keep it clean. Because there are so many things that can smear your visor, treat your helmet like your most valuable item.

Keep a safe distance from other motorists when you are biking. All kinds of debris are kicked up by cars, trucks, and motorcyclists. If you come too close to others, rocks, dirt, and other flying items will probably smack you in the face.

Keep others from touching or playing with your helmet. To prevent your friends or children from getting their hands on it, keep it locked up or out of the way. It can be challenging to get rid of all that sweat and grease, which impairs your vision while operating a vehicle.

Avoid hanging your visor from the side of your handlebars if you don’t want it to drop to the ground. The plastic may shatter if the helmet lands visor-first, necessitating the purchase of a new one.

Cleaning the Visor

It’s vital to keep in mind that motorbike visors aren’t exactly inexpensive before we discuss how to clean them. The price of replacement visors might range from a few tens of dollars to more than one hundred. You get what you paid for, like with most things in life. Cheap visors are simply tinted pieces of plastic, whereas high-quality visors require special attention. Think again if you believe that replacing your visor is simpler than cleaning it. It’s best to fix the one you already have unless you’re made of money.

Refrain from wiping stains or bugs off the visor as they appear by using a dry material such as your glove. Always use the recommended visor cleaner to clean your visor. Before beginning to remove the stain, you should moisten the surface to avoid scratching it.

You can also use standard glass cleaner, like Windex, if you don’t have a visor cleaner. Paying more may not be worthwhile because certain motorbike sprays aren’t all that different from the glass cleaners you keep under the sink. Sprays and cleansers with oil should not be used since grease stains may result.

Alcohol should be present in the fluid itself to ensure that it evaporates fast and without leaving a mark or residue. Some professionals advise utilizing eucalyptus oil. Not your typical cooking oil, this one. It virtually immediately dries while removing germs and imperfections. Additionally, it will deodorize the interior of your helmet so you won’t have to breathe in the odor of your own perspiration.

To get rid of the spot or blemish, use a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid using paper towels and stiff rags on the surface since they can cause scratches.

Try soaking the entire visor in a container of hot water and cleanser if the stain is persistent or difficult to remove. To avoid getting the remainder of your helmet wet, remember to take off the visor first. Avoid exerting excessive effort. Let it soak all night if, after several attempts, the stain still won’t come out.
Not all blemishes and stains can be eliminated. It’s best to cease riding until you find a solution if your visor is damaged beyond repair or you don’t have the tools necessary to clear it off. A recipe for danger can include riding without a visor.

When you’re on the move, use a Bluetooth motorcycle headset to stay in touch with the outside world. The noise-cancelling technology in the Bluetooth motorbike helmet speakers allows you to hear every word being said on the other end of the line. This makes it simple to ask a friend to bring you an extra visor or to call for assistance.


It’s inevitable that your visor will occasionally become dirty, so it’s essential to have a backup strategy in place in case you become stranded. Find motorcycle helmet speakers that will keep you in control to give yourself some additional piece of mind.

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