Advice For Tall Riders Choosing The Best Motorcycle

To ride a motorcycle, you can never be too tall. However, the majority of motorcycles are designed for riders who are under six feet tall. In most of Asia, where the average height is at least two inches smaller than in the U.S., riding on two wheels rather than four is the favored mode of transportation. Finding a motorcycle that meets your particular requirements may be challenging if you are above six feet tall.

If you ride a lot of motorcycles, your legs could feel tense. As you try to guide the bike, your knees can get in the way of your arms. Additionally, you might need to exert more effort to support your back, which puts additional strain on your wrists and arms. In addition to being uncomfortable, riding a bike that is too small puts you at danger for harm. Regardless of the sort of bike you are riding, use the helmet communication system to make sure you can contact for assistance in an emergency.

The good news is that businesses are working harder to accommodate taller passengers. Adding a taller seat to your bike is another way to modify it. Discover how to locate an ergonomically sound bike that won’t restrict your mobility on the road.

Pick the Proper Make and Model

The Suzuki DR-Z400S, Honda XR650L, and Yamaha Tenere 700 are a few motorcycles available that are made expressly for taller riders. You don’t have to lean over as far when riding these bikes because they feature taller mounts and higher handlebars. A better selection is typically provided by American producers like Harley Davidson. For instance, the seat on an HD is slightly higher than what you would typically find on a low-sitting cruiser at 28.6 inches off the ground. To speak with a salesperson in person, you can also go to a nearby merchant or motorcycle shop.

Horseback Position

While riding, you must remain in a relaxed position. Maintain a straight back, bent knees, and forward-facing arms. Taller riders typically prefer to ride upright rather than hunching over. When necessary, you can alter your riding position by raising the handlebars or foot pegs.


A significant factor in the motorcycle’s overall height is the suspension. Off-road motorcycles have higher suspensions, which boost the seat height; nevertheless, keep in mind that once you sit down, the suspension will compress. The suspension may also be able to be adjusted further to change the seat height.

Chair Height

When looking for a motorcycle, this is one of the first criteria you should take into account. It displays the height of your seat above the ground. Depending on whatever seat height feels the most comfortable to you, compare the seat heights of various types and models. You can raise the seat by a few extra inches by installing an aftermarket seat.

Security First

Finding a motorcycle that is the right size is always preferable to attempting to maneuver a bike that is the wrong size. To reduce your chance of injury, put on all the protective clothing you need, such as pants, boots, a jacket, gloves, and a helmet.

Use a Bluetooth motorcycle headset to connect wirelessly to your smartphone or GPS while riding. While biking, you shouldn’t grab for or glance at your device. To keep your eyes on the road, keep your mobile devices in a stable, upright position.

Finding a Helmet for Riding

When choosing the appropriate safety equipment, you could experience similar size/fit problems. The majority of helmets come in one size that fits all and have an adjustable strap to keep them in place. You should wear a full-face helmet that completely encloses your head, face, and chin. You might have to wear a skull cap in its place if your head doesn’t fit comfortably in the helmet even with the strap set to its widest position.

Make sure your Bluetooth communication system is compatible with your helmet. If you wear a skull hat, connect it to a Bluetooth half-helmet headset to keep the microphone in reach.


Don’t give up even though it could be difficult to find a bike that fits. There is a bike for you out there. Regardless of the bike you choose, follow these guidelines to keep safe when driving.

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