5+ Recommendable First Motorcycles for Novice Riders

How wonderful it is to purchase your first motorcycle cannot be overstated. We are convinced that no one will condemn you if you cry a little bit when you first see a gorgeous machine and realize that it will be yours.

Knowing your limits and selecting a bike that won’t be too difficult for a beginner to operate are essential for riding a motorbike safely. Importantly, you alone may select the bike that is ideal for you. In terms of presents for motorbike riders, a pre-selected bike isn’t a terrific choice.

Today, we’ll discuss 10 motorcycles that new riders should think about buying as their first vehicle. Any first-time motorcycle buyer should, however, enter the process with at least a general understanding of what they need from their bike. So let’s start by having a brief conversation about how to pick your first motorcycle.

Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle

Only you can select which motorcycle best suits your demands and riding preferences. The following elements are ones you should take into account when looking for the best motorcycle for beginners:

What is affordable?

Always plan ahead and adhere to your budget. Don’t allow yourself be pushed into something more expensive if you can’t actually afford it. There are plenty of fantastic starter motorcycles in the price range of $4,000 to $6,000 accessible. See our financing a motorcycle page for more advice.

What kind of fashion are you after?

Motorcycles come in a wide range of designs, including cruisers, sport bikes, and adventure bikes. Size, riding posture, handling, and an almost endless number of other characteristics vary for each type. For more information on the various motorbike styles and to determine which ones ignite your passion, see our guide to the various motorcycle types.

What sort of riding do you intend to perform?

Consider the most typical riding situations that you will encounter. Some bicycles are intended to cut curves on a picturesque path, while others are best for commuting around cities. Many people have the versatility to accomplish both! Additionally, if you want to frequently ride your bike on the highway, be sure to choose a model with enough horsepower to safely keep up with interstate traffic.

Which bike size do you require?

To assist you learn to balance, many seasoned motorcyclists advise starting out on a motorcycle with a lower seat height. For novice riders, lighter motorcycles are a wonderful option because they are frequently simpler to handle and less likely to fall. In spite of this, how big your body is will also have a big impact on what size bike is best for you. You can choose the best motorcycle for your build by learning more about motorcycle sizes.

Honda Rebel 300, first

One of the most well-liked entry-level motorcycles of all time is the Honda Rebel 300, and it’s easy to understand why. Due to the Rebel’s popularity, these motorcycles (and its parts) are accessible on the used market at a price that is beginner-friendly. Additionally, they are steady bikes with forgiving handling, making them a great option for novice riders.

Additionally, it is a bike that simply looks cool. With its stylish, vintage-inspired design, you’d never guess it was a basic starter bike. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the 300’s diminutive engine might make it difficult to maintain pace on freeways. So, if you’re a bit more accomplished rider and are anxious to confront the open highway, starting with the higher-cc Rebel 500 instead can be an excellent option.

2. Kawasaki 400 Ninja

The Kawasaki Ninja 400, which remains consistently popular, is the other venerable suggestion for new riders. If you enjoy riding sport bikes, the Ninja is a great starting point for learning how to handle these exhilaratingly quick machines. Additionally, it provides a sport bike’s underappreciated full fairing, which is excellent for reducing the amount of wind you experience throughout your morning commute.

The Ninja 400 has a somewhat larger engine than some of the other bikes on this list, measuring 399cc. This makes it a good option for riders who intend to travel the highway frequently and are concerned that a 300cc bike won’t have enough power to safely pass other cars at highway speeds.

3. Harley-Davidson Street 500

Even some novice motorcyclists will only ride a Harley. The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is your best option for dipping your toes into this storied company if you’ve been a hog-head from the start. It is by far Harley’s most economical motorbike at just under $7,000, yet it nonetheless upholds the dependable quality and cool, urban style that have made the company famous.

Smaller riders may like the Street 500’s low seat height (only 25 inches) and comparatively light weight (about 500 pounds). It’s also a good bike for customization, with numerous of options available for readily adding extras like a front fairing and saddlebags. Additionally, it has a 500cc engine, which is far more powerful than other starting bikes, giving you plenty of power to go and do as you choose.

4. Honda CB300R

The Honda CB300R is a fun motorcycle with stylish “naked” design and a setting that is appropriate for beginners. It is made to appeal to a wide range of interests, from the practical urban rider to the thrill seeker looking to test their prowess on the windiest backroads. The fact that it handles effortlessly and is quite light in weight make it a fun to ride wherever you are.

Due to its astounding 71 mpg, this bike is equally popular with those who are concerned about the environment and their wallets. Given Honda motorbikes’ well-known reputation for dependability, the CB300R is a bike that may easily outlive its status as a beginner’s machine and maintain its place in your storage for years to come.

5. Yamaha MT-03

The entry-level MT-03 model joins Yamaha’s wildly famous MT series, and we’re happy to report that it retains nearly all of the features that make the other MT motorcycles so popular. Along with a buttery-smooth clutch, great low-RPM torque, a reasonable price, and, of course, the famed Yamaha quality record, this clutch also has some other great features.

The MT-03 is a fantastic illustration of why standard and naked bikes are so well-liked by riders today. The bike is plainly constructed for performance without being excessive, and its design is razor-sharp. This motorcycle really provides the best of all worlds, and its larger siblings, the MT-07 and MT-09, have more powerful engines while still being reasonably priced.

6. BMW G310GS

You don’t need to ride a superbike costing $50,000 to enjoy a BMW motorcycle. BMW actually produces a number of reasonably priced entry-level bikes, and the G310GS is one of the best of a good bunch. It’s a compact yet powerful machine that’s perfect for adventure riders who want a springier suspension or, particularly, those with previous dirt bike experience.

From the several seat height options to the low-slung engine that lowers the bike’s center of gravity and increases stability, this bike is a testament to BMW’s engineers’ love of ergonomics. And the G310GS will have plenty of power for exploring, whether it’s on city streets or gravel backroads, despite its comparatively small 310cc engine capacity.


Choosing the ideal motorcycle for you is the first step on the path to a long and rewarding riding career. However, if you’re just getting started with learning how to operate a motorbike, be sure to review important facts like your state’s regulations for motorcycle helmet use.

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