5 Pointers For Motorcycling In The Rain

In the event of rain, who on Earth would ride a motorcycle? Unexpectedly, the response is: A lot of people! There are many different types of riders that need to know how to safely handle a motorcycle in the rain, from cross-country tourers to people who use their motorcycle as their primary mode of transportation.

Even if you pay close attention to the weather forecasts, it’s still possible to be caught off guard, especially if you live in a region with a lot of rainfall. You might have to rev up anyway if your motorcycle is your only mode of transportation to work. We’re going to master the fundamentals of riding in the rain today, so turn up those Bluetooth motorbike speakers and cue up the Doors’ “Riders on the Storm.”

1. Unless you are an expert rider, stay off the roads while it rains (or you have no choice)

For beginners, riding in the rain is not recommended. Rain is one more challenging element that you don’t want to deal with when you’re still trying to grasp the fundamentals.

Despite this, there may be instances when riding in the rain is unavoidable. Rain skills will enable you to avoid panicking and get to safety, even if your first inclination is to get off the road and find a secure place to wait out the rainfall. The more you prepare for the possibility of bad weather, the more probable it is that you will fare when it does.

2. Tailor your riding to the circumstances.

Your stopping distance and tire traction will both decrease in the rain. You must therefore ride much more cautiously as a result. Put long-distance braking first, step on the gas slowly and smoothly, and save the straightaway-tearing for a sunny day.

Remember that when it’s raining, you’re tougher to see. Be ready for weather to make it harder for motorcycle riders to get drivers to notice them as they already struggle to do so. Always ride defensively and assume no one is looking at you.

3. Pack appropriate rain gear.

It’s crucial to have the appropriate motorcycle rain gear because your riding attire should always be appropriate for the environment in which you are riding.

To avoid misting up, your helmet should be full face or modular and come with an anti-fog visor or breath guard.

The best way to stay dry while riding in the rain is to wear a full-on motorbike rain suit. Riders who reside in locations with a wet environment might be wise to invest in one.

During the journey, will you be communicating via a motorcycle Bluetooth headset? A waterproof variant is recommended, such as the Moto dammei series, which is built with a watertight enclosure.
To make yourself more visible to drivers while cycling in the rain, get some reflective riding gear.

4. Keep an eye out for dangers on the pavement.

The rain itself won’t be the only danger to the pavement during the downpour. one you would not anticipate? Within the first few minutes of rain, oils that have soaked into the pavement are raised to the surface and can make roadways more slicker than you might be anticipating.

Rain also increases the hazard of some common road elements. Avoid manhole covers as well as other painted road elements like dividing lines since they are frequently more slick than the surrounding pavement.

5. Verify that your motorcycle is in good operating condition.

If your bike isn’t in the best condition possible, you shouldn’t attempt to ride through the rain. You can identify the majority of potential issues before they arise with a thorough pre-ride inspection. When rain may be in the forecast, pay great attention to the following in particular:

Your tires should have a lot of wear and be classified as all-weather tires.

To aid it in shaking off water puddles, your chain should be well-lubricated.


We like assisting riders in any situation. See our article on riding a motorcycle in the winter for additional insightful advice on navigating inclement weather. We complete assortment of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet communicators to discover the best in motorcycle communication technology that enables you to stay connected in both sunny and cloudy conditions.

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