5+ Excellent Motorcycles For Commute

Motorcycles aren’t simply for off-road cruising and long distance travel. A growing number of people are beginning to travel to work and complete errands on bicycles. You should probably search for something more practical if you want a wonderful motorcycle that will take you from point A to point B and back. When heading to the grocery store or pulling into the employee parking lot, it is typically preferable to forgo the frills and fanciness. Find the ideal bike for your active lifestyle using our advice.

Why Ride a Bike to Work?

Only 3% of Americans, according to statistics, commute to work on motorbikes, but these numbers might change. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly altered the typical American commute. According to reports, demand for motorcycles reached its high during the pandemic and is unlikely to decline very soon.

Since more people than ever before work from home, they have more freedom to purchase the car of their choice. Many people, especially in urban areas, are choosing to ride to work instead of using public transportation. Consumers who care about the environment are interested in the new electric motorcycles since they are more convenient and economical to ride.

You have control over your journey when you bike to work. With less money spent on fuel and repairs, you can see more of your surroundings. As for parking, it’s simple. Since your motorcycle won’t take up much room, you may park it wherever you like.

The Qualities of a Commuter Motorcycle

A commuter motorcycle has a distinct function. It should be lightweight, simple to use, and extremely fuel-efficient. Considering how much time you’ll be spending on your bike, you should also feel at ease while driving. Find a seat that is supportive of your body and is comfortable.

Most commuters find that storage is essential. You should have space for all of your job necessities, such as your laptop, tablet, lunch, and any other tools you might use all year long.

When choosing a commuter motorcycle, safety should come first. Take into account all the potential driving conditions, such as ice, sleet, snow, and mud. Look for a bike with the newest safety features, such as stability control, anti-lock brakes, and automatic braking systems.

Your brand-new motorcycle isn’t simply for commuting. If you still want to rip through the mud and experience off-road challenges in your spare time, think about a more adaptable option. Work without any play could make you nuts. The more time your bike spends in the driveway, the more you might hear the call of adventure.

The Top Bikes for Commuters on a Regular Basis

The appropriate motorcycle for you will depend entirely on how you plan to use it and how you commute. You shouldn’t have any trouble choosing a bike fit for your morning trip because auto manufacturers have started designing their products to appeal to regular commuters and safety-conscious drivers.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top commuter motorcycles available today:

1. Suzuki SV650 for 2021

Witness the might of the Suzuki SV650, one of the year’s best-reviewed motorcycles, and for good reason. We couldn’t help but give this endearing commuter the top spot. It has a slick, polished appearance that will undoubtedly spark talk at the water cooler.

It is remarkably simple to handle, equally sporty and useful, with adequate suspension and up to 72 HP for more driving options. With up to 50 MPG, the SV650 is also among the most fuel-efficient motorcycles on the market. For a large 3.8-gallon tank, that’s not awful.

You’ll actually look forward to driving to work because the cushion is so comfortable. You can react more rapidly on the road, trail, or street thanks to the safety features.

At $7,1000, it’s reasonably priced and offers excellent value when compared to some of the other choices on this list. With this straightforward but surprisingly capable commuter bike, you can go a long way.

2. Zero SR/F in 2021

The 2021 Zero SR/F is the ideal bike—simple, contemporary, and sleek. The SR/F is the company’s most advanced model to date and has helped it establish itself as a pioneer in small, electric motorcycles. A completely charged battery has a range of roughly 100 miles, however charging does take some time. Using a typical 120 V outlet will result in a wait period of approximately eight hours. The premium version, which has a unique inverter that reduces the charging time to 4 hours, is an upgrade that you can choose.

Of course, if you work a standard 9 to 5 schedule, this is excellent. You’ll be ready to go in the morning if you just let the bike charge over night. Don’t worry about the mileage restrictions because the majority of us don’t commute more than 100 miles to work. Although it will restrict your weekend freedom, you will still get at work on time and without incident.

The SR/F is equipped with a variety of high-tech safety technologies, such as stability control, ABS, regenerative braking, and softer suspension on bumpier roads, to provide you greater peace of mind while driving to work. There are numerous rider modes available, including sport and street. When negotiating traffic and urban areas, use the latter.

Zero threw in all the extras, and the SR/F has the bill to prove it. The entry-level model costs $19,500, while the top-end model costs $22,000.

3. Honda CB300R in 2021

For anyone who commutes to work in the city, the CB3000R is ideal. You can maneuver around confined spaces without tiring because it moves quickly without taking up much room. You can almost bench press it at 320 pounds.

You can essentially halt your search right now if you’re adamant about maintaining your comfort level. The cushion of the Honda CB300R has earned a legendary status among bikers. You will permanently swear off every other brand and model with only one touch. No matter how big or small you are, your rump will fit perfectly on the back of this inner-city beauty.

It has a small gas tank that can only hold 2.6 gallons of gas and is not electrified. That will only get you 200 miles of driving time, though. Expect a decrease in fuel economy if you exceed 80 MPH.

The suspension adds to the exhilaration of off-road driving. On the weekends, you can still get messy without feeling like you’re riding a violent bull.

4. BMW G310 GS in 2021

The newest BMW motorcycle is considerate of commuters. Compared to the adored G310 G bare, it provides better protection. It includes a little wind deflector to help you maintain your uniform. You get a superior point of view of the road thanks to the high, comfortable cushion.

When riding on the back of the G310 GS, you need not be shy. BMW speaks for itself. With 34 HP and sufficient torque, it can easily cruise over any terrain. You can use the suspension both on the road and in the woods. It has a top speed of 90 MPH for a quicker trip.

This BMW has all the features you’d expect from a contemporary commuter motorbike, including ABS as standard, a rear rack for additional storage, and less sensitive controls for making sharp turns.

It’s also a fantastic option if you want to cut costs. Starting at roughly $5,800, the G310 GS will help you stay well inside your spending limit.

5. KTM 390 Duke in 2021

Don’t undervalue the Duke. Although KTM is known for producing high-quality motorcycles with top-notch shocks and brakes, commuters are frequently left out in the cold. The 390 Duke is about to change all of that. It differs significantly from its predecessors in that it has a smooth seat for increased comfort while operating the vehicle. Your buttocks can start to hurt after a lengthy ride because it’s still not as soft as some of the other brands and models on this list, which is why it received a lower rating.

The 2021 model is incredibly nimble and responsive, just like other KTM motorcycles. This is the bike for you if you like to get along and get where you’re going as quickly as possible.

On the commuter’s back, anticipate getting noticed. You’re sure to make a scene at work because it has an orange frame. Driving at night will also benefit from knowing this, especially in dimly lit places.

The 390 Duke is undoubtedly more of a hybrid-sport bike, yet it still ranks among the top commuting bikes of the year. If you want the best of both worlds, this is a fantastic option.


The moment is now to start riding a motorcycle to work. There are numerous benefits to riding a bike to work, including safety, efficiency, and cost savings. Make sure to enroll in a basic training course if you’re new to riding motorcycles in order to obtain your license. To stay out of problems on the road, become familiar with the riding laws in your state. Don’t forget to equip your bike with extra equipment to make it simpler to use.

You can ride to work like an expert with a little preparation. To get the most out of your early commute, keep these information in mind.

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